Experience heavenly delight

Taste the soul of the island of Rügen.

Start the day with homemade specialties and in the evening enjoy an elegant menu made from the best regional ingredients. Afterwards, treat yourself to a sundowner at the bar after a day by the sea.

Table reservation
Ein Restaurant im modernen Stil mit gemütlichen Stühlen in einem Hotel auf Rügen


A new star among the gourmet kitchens on the island of Rügen is rising! A new interpretation of classics of the region, but also of international cuisine is the top priority. 

ein Frühstück mit Käse und Gemüse


With a view of the Bodden and a large terrace, it starts the day as if by itself. Homemade jams, homemade fresh cheese and honey from our own bee colony as well as regional sausage specialties await you at the breakfast buffet. The kitchen offers a variety of egg dishes daily.

ein Glass mit Cocktail


Indulge their taste buds as they journey through our locally inspired, handcrafted and modern cocktails while they amaze the bartenders with creative decorations.

Zigarre und Cognac

Cigar Lounge

Sit back and celebrate the ritual of smoking cigars with one of our selected high quality cigars and cognacs, perfectly balanced with homemade chocolate and chocolates.


Shop by Kukime

In the Shop by Kukime you will find many products to enjoy at breakfast or in the restaurant. These include homemade jams, specially created oils and salts and products of the region. Fresh rolls are available here daily and delicious cakes are waiting for you to enjoy in the attached café or pack for the trip. At the counter there are crispy broilers to take away - perfect for a snack after an active day by the sea.

Where do our products come from?

We pay particular attention to the freshness, quality and origin of our food. We source many of our products from the region. For this we use original products.


Breakfast hours

07.00 - 11.00 


17.30 - 22.30

Bar and Lounge

Open: 05:00 pm

Shop by Kukime

08.00 - 17.00

Our Fish Share 2022

From pond to plate. We receive our golden trout directly from Gunnar Reese from Sarlhusen.
These grow under natural conditions species-appropriate with fresh spring water, good care and a lot of time until removal. See our fish live here.

Fish- Webcam

Rügen Kulinarik

Rügen Kulinarik

Rügen Kulinarik

Rügen Kulinarik

Rügen Kulinarik

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